Executive Coaching

You can’t solve a problem until you know what the problem is. Companies across the country waste resources every day by throwing money at the wrong problems.

“Solving” a problem that’s not there could cost you more than money – it could make things worse. You could overhaul your good employee selection system into one that’s less effective, when all along the problem was motivation, not selection. Or you could demoralize your employees with a new program when the problem was actually a leadership problem.

We treat every situation as unique – because it is. We customize surveys and tools based on each particular situation. There are some universal tools, however, that can be useful in many situations. Here are a few of them:

Executive Decision Making Style Assessment (EDMSA)

Decision making is without a doubt the key role of any executive. Selling the right product at the right price, finding the best market niche, hiring the right people for the right jobs all rely on good decision making. Common decision traps pose a business threat for even the savviest executives. Our EDMSA helps pinpoint some traps you or your executives may be susceptible to.

Leadership Effectiveness Assessment

Some great leaders are born, but others can be taught. Decades of research demonstrate there are 4 components of leadership: vision, people skills, operational skills, and meta-leadership. The most effective leaders are good at all four. This assessment identifies which area a manager needs to work on to skillfully lead employees.

Tuned 360° Multi-Rater Feedback

Unlike the typical 360° Feedback, we ask the right people the right questions. Using the Tuned 360° Feedback is the most efficient method of gathering information to make decisions on employee development. We offer unique feedback assessments for different positions, including executive, first line supervisor, employee, and teams.

Culture Evaluation

What’s driving your culture? Merely looking at the surface of your culture isn’t enough to keep up in the changing world. Getting below the surface gives you the information you need to make your organization leaner, more flexible, and higher performing.

Private Coaching Personality Overview

You can’t totally change who you are, but understanding your strengths, weaknesses, and individual differences can help you make the most of what you have. This overview will give you some insight in to who you are and how you react to the world. Sometimes making small changes in your thinking and actions can bring big results.