Our original research has been published in leading academic journals including the Journal of Applied Psychology and the Journal of Management. We’ve also presented our findings to such groups as the Society for Industrial Organizational Psychology and the Academy of Management.


Here are some articles with useful tips based on years of research.

The Bottom Line on Job Satisfaction
Interviews Suck!
The Hidden Keys to Motivation
What Your Pet Can Teach You About Stress
When More Stress is Less
More Strategies for Stress


We don’t follow recent trends – we help create them with original research published in academic journals and books. Here are a few of the articles:

Personnel Psychology
Prior selection causes biased estimates of standardized ethnic group differences: Simulation and analysis. Roth, P. L., Bobko, P., Switzer, F. S., & Dean, M. A. (2001), 54, 591-617.

American Heart Journal
Blood pressure control and hormone replacement therapy in postmenopausal women at risk for coronary heart disease. McCubbin, J. A., Helfer, S. G., Switzer, F. S., & Price, T. M. (in press).

Handbook of Research Methods in Industrial and Organizational Psychology
(chapter) Coping with missing data. Switzer, F. S., & Roth, P. L. (in press). Rogelberg, S. (Ed)


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