Services For decades, we’ve helped organizations improve performance, productivity, and profits through a purely scientific method. Our approach works because our recommendations are based on hard science and not on passing trends or the management theory of the month. Companies we have helped include B.F.Goodrich, Heller Financial, Navistar, and Fieldcrest Cannon. Each business has its own set of needs, requiring a unique combination of tools. Rather than using an off-the-shelf program that may or may not work for your company, we conduct a thorough diagnosis of your situation, your problems, and your goals. We help in the following areas:


No, not the usual cheerleading or Tony Robbins coaching that comes to mind, but rather a well-designed program using leading edge knowledge of human thinking and well researched methods, taking your situation into account. We go beyond the simplistic solutions of throwing money at a motivation problem or offering nice parking places. In fact, giving pay increases is rarely the solution to motivation problems. Instead, we determine which of the major components of motivation needs to be addressed and work with you to help achieve results.

Decision Making

Decision making has become crucial in today's business climate. Not only are the consequences of management decisions more crucial than ever before, critical decisions are being made even further down the organizational chart. And it gets even more complicated than that - many decisions made today in the workplace are made by groups, rather than by individuals. The relatively new (and largely unknown) field of human decision making has made astounding strides in the past two decades in understanding why, how, and when individuals and groups make poor (sometimes disastrous) decisions and how to avoid the most common "decision traps." We can help you navigate around these problems so you and your employees can make better decisions.


The good news is that leaders aren't just born - they can be made. Even better news is that we can help you make them. Today's competitive world requires leadership abilities in employees beyond the boardroom. Good leaders are needed throughout the organization and they need to lead in more creative ways than they did in the past. No longer can leaders expect compliance based solely on their titles or on the authoritative power commonly used a few decades ago. They must be flexible, innovative, and know when and how to lead, and when to get out of the way. Unfortunately much of what is circulated about leadership today is actually misinformation. The study of leadership has a long and byzantine history, making it a haven for snake oil salesmen. We can help separate the myth from the facts, helping your organization become more productive and innovative.

Performance Appraisal

Gone are the days when the boss checked off a few boxes on a form, added a few comments to the bottom, and filed away the appraisal form to some forgotten file. In today's competitive and legalistic environment, accurate and fair measurement of employee performance is critical. We can help you create the precise and defensible appraisals needed in today's business environment.

Selection and Training

Sometimes an employee may not be performing up to par. Sometimes it's an entire department. The question is "Why?" Was the wrong employee selected for the job or was the employee not trained correctly? Or could it be both? Or could it be neither - it might actually be a motivation problem! We can help you get to the bottom of these questions, and help you make sure you have the right employees for the right job and that they're trained to help the organization meet its goals.