We don’t follow trends – we create them!


We don’t follow trends – we help create them with original research published in leading academic journals, including the Journal of Applied Psychology and the Journal of Management. We’ve also presented our findings to such groups as the Society for Industrial Organizational Psychology and the Academy of Management.

Here are a few of the articles:

Journal of Cognitive Engineering and Decision Making
Predicting Team Performance in a Dynamic Environment: A Team Psychophysiological Approach to Measuring Cognitive Readiness. Walker, A., Muth, E., Switzer, F., & Rosopa, P.J. (2013).

Journal of Applied Psychology
Forced Distribution Rating Systems: When Does “Rank and Yank” Lead to Adverse Impact? Giumetti, G. W., Schroeder, A. N., & Switzer, F. S. III. (2014).

A Meta-Analytic Review of Predictors of Job Performance for Salespeople. Vinchur, A.J., Schippmann, J.S., Switzer, F.S., & Roth, P.L. (1998).

A Meta-Analysis of the Relationship Between GPA and Job Performance. Roth, P.L., Bevier, C., Switzer, F.S., & Schippmann, J. (1996).

Journal of Management
Systematic Data Loss in HRM Settings: A Monte Carlo Analysis. Switzer, F.S., Roth, P.L. & Switzer, D.M. (1998).

Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes.
The Effects of Choosing on Confidence in Choice. Sniezek, J.A., Paese, P.W., & Switzer, F.S. (1990).

Judgment Processes in Motivation: Anchoring and Adjustment Effects on Judgment and Behavior. Switzer, F.S. & Sniezek, J.A. (1991).

The CPA Journal
Nominal Group Technique – An Aid in Implementing TQM. Roth, P.L., Schleifer, L.S., & Switzer, F.S. (1995).

Personnel Psychology
Prior Selection Causes Biased Estimates of Standardized Ethnic Group Differences: Simulation and Analysis. Roth, P. L., Bobko, P., Switzer, F. S., & Dean, M. A. (2001), 54, 591-617.

The PSI Handbook of Virtual Environments for Training and Education: Developments for the Military and Beyond
Training Effectiveness and Evaluation. Muth, E., & Switzer, F. (2009). Vol 3, 147-156.

Occupational Medicine
Changes in Nurses’ Decision Making During a 12-Hour Day Shift. McClelland, L.E., Switzer, F.S., & Pilcher, J.J. (2013)